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Raven + Lily Autumn 2013 Collection

This past year I had the honor of working with ethically focused fashion brand Raven + Lily to develop surface designs for their Autumn 2013 collection. Raven + Lily is a socially responsible brand dedicated to empowering women through design partnerships and sustainable economic opportunities. They are working to alleviate poverty among women.

Its really an understatement to say that I was honored to work on this project. It has been truly inspiring!

An ethical and empowering product line.

Baker+Brown Co product lines are merely in their experimental phases and to see the impact and dedication that companies like Raven + Lily have in changing lives is nothing short of inspiring. I aspire to develop a supply chain that is as impactful as it is effectual; watching companies like Raven + Lily navigate that space is a great catalyst. They have developed a fantastic infographic that outlines the impact of their supply chain.

Below are some images of the patterns and illustrations I developed for the collection. And a few shots of the finished pieces. Be sure to check out the entire Autumn collection from Raven + Lily. The illustrations were originally sketched in ink, scanned, and edited digitally. The final products were printed via various methods.

We continue to explore the approaches and process to develop product, understand ethical production, and creating products that matter.

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