Speaking Engagements

Always appreciate a good discussion.

Whether part of a panel, speaking on discovering passion or leading a small discussion, it is always a privilege to connect with a group. And honestly, we’ve never met a stranger! Over the last few years, we've had the honor to speak at the Yale School of Art, RISD, Brown University, various companies and events in New York, Saigon, Krakow, and more.

Our talks cover a range of topics, with a common focus on passion, entrepreneurship, design, the future of work, and the shifting economics for the creative class. Currently, we're traveling the U.S. meeting with thought leaders across a broad spectrum of domains to develop a philosophy and thesis for future of work. We'll be researching, interviewing, seeking insights, and writing along the way. If you're interested in learning more about our current work and speaking topics, please contact us to find out more!

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Most often our talks & discussions focus on discovering & acting on one's personal passion, practically transforming ideas into enterprise.



American Advertising Federation New Mexico – The Future of Creativity

Albuquerque, NM – 05 / 17 / 2016
The American Advertising Federation (AAF), the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association, and the only association representing all facets of the advertising industry, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and acts as the "Unifying Voice for Advertising." The AAF also has 15 district operations, each located in and representing a different region of the nation. The AAF’s membership is comprised of nearly 100 blue chip corporate members comprising the nation’s leading advertisers, advertising agencies, and media companies; a national network of nearly 200 local federations, representing 40,000 advertising professionals, located in ad communities across the country; and more than 200 AAF college chapters, with over 6,500 student members.

The Combine – The Future of Creativity

Bloomington, IN – 04 / 08 / 2016
The Combine is an annual conference on the intersection of community, culture, creativity, capital, and code. The Combine is an annual conference on entrepreneurship and innovation. Each year, hundreds of founders, innovators, investors, developers and creatives convene in the Midwestern town of Bloomington, IN. Together, they spend 3 days learning, networking and being inspired by some of the world's most incredible presenters.

Art Center College of Design – The Future of Creativity

Pasadena, CA – 09 / 28 / 2015
Learn to create. Influence change. This is the mission of Art Center College of Design. For more than 85 years, they have achieved an international reputation for our rigorous, transdisciplinary curriculum, faculty of professionals, strong ties to industry and a commitment to socially responsible design. Art Center prepares artists and designers to make a positive impact in their chosen fields—as well as the world at large.

72U at 72 and Sunny – The Future of Creativity

Los Angeles, CA – 09 / 27 / 2015
72U is a creative residency designed to open people up to new ways of thinking, collaborating, and tackling modern communication problems. The residency explores the intersection of art, technology and culture. It is an intensive three month program designed for makers and risk takers who want to grow their talents and creativity within a professional setting. Each session is redesigned based on what’s happening in culture, participants’ skill sets and interests, and the opportunities that are presented.

Bitspiration – The Power of Story

Krakow, Poland – 06 / 22-23 / 2014
Bitspiration is the leading European conference where technology, startups, and music clash to inspire revolutionary solutions. After the huge success of the three previous editions, Bitspiration is one of the best tech events in Europe! Recommended by TechCrunch, appreciated by international experts including Advocate Developer Google. Each year Bitspiration continues to raise the bar higher and set larger goals.

Better World by Design – Transforming Ideas into Enterprise

Providence, RI – 09 / 27-29 / 2013
At Barnum, we help entrepreneurs transform ideas into enterprise. In September at Better World by Design, I’ll be hosting a fast-paced workshop where entrepreneurs pitch their big idea to a panel of seasoned individuals hand-picked from the Barnum ecosystem. Our goal is to help a select group of entrepreneurs, or those aspiring, crystalize their idea and move toward action.

The New School, MA Design Studies – The Intersection of Entrepreneurship and Design

New York, NY – 08 / 20 / 2013
Drawing on the breadth and depth of expertise in design theory and practice at Parsons, this new master of arts program is an opportunity to explore design as both a field of scholarly research and an agent of social change. The MA in Design Studies shapes a new generation of design thinkers who will critically examine theoretical, historical, philosophical, and social issues related to design practice, products, and discourses.

Designing A Better World – Entrepreneurship and Pitch Workshops

New York, NY – 07 / 23 / 2013 and 08 / 08 / 2013
During the summer, Barnum, Perkins+Will, RISD and Better World by Design are partnering to host a series of events for our community in New York City. Our focus of the series will be around how entrepreneurs are helping to design and shape a better world.

ADC Global StartUP Series – Entrepreneurship and Passion

New York, NY – 07 / 25 / 2013
The ADC Global is proud to host its quarterly speaker series, StartUP, to inspire creatives to follow their entrepreneurial passions.This event is designed to bridge the gap between the creative industries and the startup community. And to connect you with the proper resources to bring your million dollar ideas to life.

RISD Art of Business Conference – Transforming Inspiration into Enterprise

Providence, RI – 04 / 13 / 2013
In April at RISD's Art of Business conference, I'll be hosting a fast-paced workshop where entrepreneurs pitch their big idea to a panel of seasoned individuals specifically selected from our ecosystem at Barnum. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, and those aspiring, crystalize their idea and move toward action.

IncubateNYC – Founders Stories

New York City – 11 / 15 / 2012
Each month IncubateNYC invites Founder's from the NYC startup community to share their story on how they got started and how they made the jump from idea to implementation. The NYC Founder's Stories series is a relaxed and intimate discussion on what it really takes to be a Founder in the city.

Perkins + Will Arch – Transforming Inspiration into Enterprise

New York City – 10 / 18 / 2012
We're spending an evening with a group of brilliant architects, designers, and planners discussing a handful of basic concepts to determine the process for transforming ideas into action. We'll be covering three of my favorite topics to present: 1) Creativity vs Idea-tivity, 2) The Equation of Creating, and 3) Perceived Inhibition.

Better World by Design – Transforming Ideas into Enterprise

Providence, RI – 09 / 27-29 / 2012
At Barnum, we help entrepreneurs transform ideas into enterprise. This September at Better World by Design, I’ll be hosting a fast-paced workshop where entrepreneurs pitch their big idea to a panel of seasoned individuals hand-picked from the Barnum ecosystem. Our goal is to help a select group of entrepreneurs, or those aspiring, crystalize their idea and move toward action.

The Urban Garden Center – Cultivating Community

New York City – 08 / 23 / 2012
At Barnum, I believe that our team working in collaboration with our trusted cohorts, is the foundation to that transformation. And I always enjoy contributing to catalytic conversation! I’m thrilled to be a highlighted participant in the upcoming series of events, “Cultivating Community,” where I'll be presenting and leading discussions covering our vision and model for Barnum and our Sweat Ventures.

And given our experience building Salt Space, I have a strong passion for developing authentic community, and self-actualizing team structures

Yale College of Art – AIGA Shed / Living Principles

New Haven, CT – 02 / 12 / 2011
With The Living Principles, AIGA chapters across the country are inspiring local communities to create positive cultural change through purposeful action. It was an honor to speak as part of a three person panel, moderated by Julie Lasky, where we discussed (and debated) openly ideas on culture, happiness, consumerism, evaluating worth, design, and the future of our world.

Monthly Design Review

New York City – 2010-2011
Monthly Design Review is growing into itself. Moving from simple conversations and lectures, we're driving the group to focus on action. In last month's meeting at the Salt Space in NYC, our theme was Action Speaks Louder Than Words. An apt theme given our focus for the rest of this year and for 2011 is to begin executing creative solutions for yet-to-be identified non-profit organizations. As an active Advisor to Monthly Design Review, it has been quite gratifying watching the NYC group grow to upwards of 50 recurring attendees. And most recently, the transition to actionable ideation marks the next big step for MDR.

Better World by Design Conference – Business and Design

Providence RI – 09 / 27 / 2010
Each year, Better World by Design brings a global community of innovators to Providence, Rhode Island to reach across disciplines and unite under a common goal: building a better world. Better World is an immersive experience that deepens our understanding of the power of design, technology, and enterprise to engage our communities and sustain our environment.

As part of a three person panel, the conference posed a set of questions to catalyze an engaging discussion with an audience of 150+. Can designers offer creative solutions to business problems? Can design thinking and financial savvy overlap to create more competitive business models in the private and not-for-profit sectors? Commercialization in design can be a competitive edge but does it come at the cost of innovation and problem solving? The sets of problem solving tools found in business and design are remarkably similar. How can they overlap to create the most effective and long-lasting solutions for design and business?