A Bit of Our Story

The moments we memorialize are the sign posts of our future.

We are design futurists, navigating the adventure that is life for the last 12 years in marriage and partnership across a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors and experiments. We have collaborated with others on projects ranging from an arts and event space in Manhattan, to a grassroots film festival; we have taught leadership development in Vietnam, coached young entrepreneurs, and built an agency to partner with early stage companies.

We are explorers, challenging convention every step of the way. We are observers discovering the world around us—citizens of the global economy. Recently, we traveled the U.S. through the summer and fall meeting with thought leaders across a broad spectrum of domains—creatives, entrepreneurs, artisans, investors, universities, and more—to learn their vision for the future where the combination of work and  life is the great adventure. In six months we covered 18,500+ miles on the road. Along the way we were researching, interviewing, drawing insights and writing a series of articles for HOW magazine as well as our website.

We've covered over 18,500+ miles!


Most importantly, we are entrepreneurs. In 1780 Jean Baptiste Say defined ‘entrepreneur’ as a term that refers to an individual that creates value in the market by taking an economic resource out of areas of low productivity and into areas of high productivity, creating a greater yield. At Baker+Brown Co, we believe in the power of entrepreneurialism. We believe that passion and purpose can change the world around us. Therefore, we simply seek to empower people. We equip and accelerate entrepreneurs around the world.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order to learn how to do it.

Pablo Picasso

We are makers. It is who we are, how we grew up, and what we aspire to be. Descending from families of entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors, jewelers, manufacturers, farmers and craftspeople—it is in our DNA. Our passion is creation. We grew up in our fathers’ woodshops where we began creating as children. Taught at an early age—we’ve heard it repeated countless times—a job worth doing, is worth doing right. The first time! And we always had to put the tools back in their proper place. Clean. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Our heritage is rich in passion.

It all started with the husband and wife duo, Neil and Jen Brown, who have been working, building, and dreaming together for the more than a decade. Baker+Brown Co is the combination of their passions for people, life, design, entrepreneurship and emerging markets. These two hard working creatives have done a lot together, from a startup film festival to running a gallery and event loft space in Manhattan, from traveling around the world to Viet Nam to roadtrips through Appalachia ... Life is a daring adventure! Join us.